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Can I go in Guangzhou Nansha golf without paying for a ticket how much is parking at the airport for a day

2022-06-30 09:04Golf cart manufacturer
Summary: Can I visit the golf course anytimeCan do activities sometimesHow much is parking at the airport for a day The parking fees inside the airport are relatively high, and there are few parking space
Can I visit the golf course anytime
Can do activities sometimes
How much is parking at the airport for a day
 The parking fees inside the airport are relatively high, and there are few parking spaces. Sometimes there are full vehicles and one person is hard to find. It is recommended that you download the "Xiaoqiang parking" app and make an appointment for parking spaces around the airport, as low as 10 yuan / day, which can save about 80% of the parking fees. There is a platform guarantee, 24h monitoring and 24h special personnel on duty to guard your car throughout the process! Xiaoqiang parking is the flagship platform of online parking in China and an Internet enterprise reported by Forbes; At present, it covers 200+ airports, train / high-speed rail stations, hospitals, scenic spots, theme parks, subway stations, ports, 700+ parking lots and 100000 + parking spaces in China! Up to now, it has served more than 10million business travelers and received high praise! Click here to make an appointment now
Introduction to Nansha Golf Course
However, as the fairway extends to the mountain, most of the fairways are not flat, so it has a certain degree of difficulty and interest. The 9-hole light night course surrounds the top of the mountain. It is composed of different greens and fairways from the last 18 holes. It is very unique, so that you can enjoy the joy of golf after a day's hard workCan you enter the golf course at will? How do you calculate the money! Happy New Year
Generally, the maximum cost for the first time to go to the driving range is no more than 200 yuan, including the cost of renting clubs, shoes and playing. There are two forms of Playing: one is charging by basket, and one basket contains 100 balls. The other is the hourly charge. For newcomers, 200-300 balls are the most, and the cost is about 40-100 yuanHow much does it cost to play golf
There are no tickets for golf. Golf is charged according to the number of rounds played. For example, the prices of the driving range, 9 holes and 18 holes are different
To Guangzhou Nansha golf club, do you want to buy a ticket for Guangzhou east station or Guangzhou South Station
South station, of course
Can non members play on the golf course
Yes, as long as there are members with them, they can play with them, or they can book a venue in a special booking agency. It's very simple. You can book a golf course by searching Baidu, but generally you have to pay the booking company first, and then go to play. I practiced in a driving range for a long time and got familiar with the booking companyCan I enter Mission Hills Golf Club without a membership card
Mission Hills Golf Club is a full membership club. In addition to driving by Can I go in Guangzhou Nansha golf without paying for a ticket  how much is parking at the airport for a dayyourself, you also need to report your membership number. If you want to visit, you can first contact the golf internal membership department or sales department, and ask them to tell you how to tell the guard. In addition, I am a new Hotel in Mission Hills town. If you are from other places, you can come to visit meAre you allowed to enter the golf course? How do you calculate the money
You can't go in and out without acquaintances. Besides, it's very dangerous in the stadium. You don't know if a high-speed ball will hit you from afar. The cost of playing a game is generally composed of green fee, caddie fee, cart fee, rent wardrobe and other expensesIntroduction to Nansha Golf Course
The never-ending businessman Fok Ying Tung resolutely challenged himself to build a new coastal city in the 21st century, including the Nansha golf club. Nansha is located in the center of the Pearl River Delta. It is only an hour's boat ride from Hong Kong. It is adjacent to Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhongshan and Shunde. The external transportation is very convenientCan I take my family in the golf course
Do not listen to the arrangement of the stadium management personnel, and quarrel with the management personnel; When the ball is played, you will dance and damage the green; He broke it, took it out on others, and even abused the caddie. Playing golf itself can promote the peace of character. At this time, we should relax, change the way we used to vent, and communicate well with managers and caddies so that we can
Can I go in Guangzhou Nansha golf without paying for a ticket how much is parking at the airport for a day

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